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The Northern Panhandle Workforce Investment Board, Inc. (NPWIB, Inc.), established in 1987, is one of seven (7) local Workforce Investment Boards in the State of West Virginia. The Northern Panhandle Region, Region 5, consists of Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties and the cities of Weirton and Wheeling. The NPWIB, Inc.'s programs and services are funded with Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding (only until June 30, 2011).

Since the implementation of WIA, the NPWIB, Inc. has consistently worked to improve its local workforce delivery system; a system that is responsive, accessible, well-coordinated and comprehensive to its job seekers and employers. The NPWIB, Inc. has assumed a strong leadership role in local workforce development and, in the process, has built bridges with local employers in an effort to increase their involvement and satisfaction level with our always-changing local workforce delivery system. The NPWIB, Inc.'s leadership includes: Local Elected Officials (LEOs), a Board of Directors and a Youth Council.

LEOs assist in the design, oversight and decision-making of all training programs and services for customers, both job seekers and employers. They are also accountable for all Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds received locally. LEOs work “in partnership” with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for: chartering local Career Center(s); establishing Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs); identifying training providers and certifying a One Stop Operator(s), if applicable; approving the annual budget; negotiating local performance measures with the WORKFORCE West Virginia Office, etc. The Youth Council is responsible for developing portions of the Five Year Plan relating to eligible youth; conduct oversight of eligible providers of youth activities; coordinate youth activities; etc. The administrative staff of the NPWIB, Inc. serves as the fiscal agent, as well as the grant recipient, for the region. The fiscal agent provides integrated fiscal oversight of all WIA funds, including the receipt, distribution and monitoring of funds.

The NPWIB, Inc. has three (3) local WORKFORCE West Virginia Career Centers in Weirton, Wheeling and New Martinsville. These WORKFORCE West Virginia Career Centers are at the heart of the new workforce investment system that emerged under the WIA. These WORKFORCE West Virginia Career Centers provide an integrated array of high quality services so that workers, job seekers and businesses can find the service(s) they need under "one roof" in easy to reach locations.

WORKFORCE West Virginia Career Centers are designed to help businesses find qualified workers and help job seekers and workers obtain employment and training services to advance their careers. These services may include: assessment of skills, abilities, aptitudes and needs assistance with Unemployment Insurance, access to Wagner-Peyser funded employment services, career counseling, job search, job placement assistance and information on training education and related supportive services . Eligible individuals may also access more Intensive services and training. The NPWIB, Inc.'s One Stop Operator and Assessment/Case Management staff help to oversee and manage regional WORKFORCE West Virginia Career Centers. Over the years, the NPWIB, Inc. has won numerous national and State awards and recognitions. From 1987 - present, the NPWIB, Inc. has met and/or exceeded all federal performance measures.